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Since I was a kid, I like science fiction, fantastic movies and video games. Starwars marked a milestone in my life!

After obtainng my degree in Geography I decided to turn my passion into a profession and develop my career in 3D art. I am a self-taught person and along the years I’ve specialised myself and improved my knowledge and skills.

My motivation when starting to model a new character is inspiring life to it, seizing and developing its own personality by mixing creativity, fantasy and, why not, a touch of humour!

I usually work with XSI Softimage / Zbrush / Uvlayout / Topogun as main softwares but I have experience with Maya and 3D StudioMax too. Skills: Characters Modeling and props, Texturing. Knowledge: layout and lighting

To date, I have worked in several companies in Spain and Belgium on TV, advertising and video games. I enjoy very much working in an international environment.

I'm available for freelance and full time positions.
Diego Romo Haro's Awards.
3D Total Award
CG Arena Award
CG Feedback Award
Dope Award
Diego Romo Haro's Publications.
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Diego Romo Haro's Publications.
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